13 Cancer-Causing Foods That You Should Not Eat Ever Again!

We all love eating and most of the times we can’t get enough of it. However, The American Organisation For Disease said on their site, “Examination has demonstrated that most cancers can be averted. Researchers now inducted that 60 percent to 70 percent of cancers are all preventable through as of now available information and basic changes in eating routine and way of life.”

In relation to the said statement, what you are about to read is something that can assist you in making your daily diet and also in avoiding you in exposure of having the risk of cancer.

Here are some of the foods that you should avoid:

1. BPA lined cans - This additive is usually found in hard plastics and tars which coats metal cans.  Researchers found out that BPA can cause infertility, cancer, obesity and diabetes.

But if the canned goods has a mark that it is BPA free, it is more likely to have bisephnol-A (BPA).  BPA is found in dental composites and various plastic items.

2. Smoked and Cured Foods - For foods not to expire easily, they tend to put Nitrates and Nitrites and they also add color especially to meats.  When food with nitrates and nitrites are cooked, they transform into N-nitroso compounds.  Examples are salamis, bacons and even sausages.  N-nitroso are found to be a cause on having the risk of cancer.

3. Cultivated Fish - It is said in Food and Water Watch that cultivated fish has more pollutant than wild fish.  It is also composed with PCB’s which is an agent known to cause cancer.

Fish that are in fish farms are prone to sickness and anti-microbial use are more likely to expand.  They don’t also have any defines to ocean lice, which means that they use pesticides for them to be treated.

4. GMOs - Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs has been rampantly spreading in the food supply.  You should look for foods with GMO free labels.