13 Reasons Why Love Making In The Morning Is The Greatest Thing Ever!

Great happiness in life also comes in small packages like when a friend calls you because he/she will treat you lunch.

Getting a call or a sweet message from someone you love or the girl you’re courting for quite some time now, already said yes to your proposal, and on the other side, you on having a boyfriend!

These are those times that the odds are in our favor. Well, it is also similar with love making. /getting laid is great however, there are few encounters that we refer to as really really great.

Waking up from that long and lazing slumber, it feels great to be awaken by that warm embrace of someone next to you and makes you fell wanted.  That craving feeling that that person gives you first thing in the morning.

Making love during daylight is like gorging on sweets for breakfast - it’s sweet, comforting and pleasurable. Staying in bed a little longer is something we would want, don’t we?

Many studies have shown that people who are going for intimate activities during the morning are the ones who are healthier and happier. That post-coital glow you have is not totally fake!

Here are the reasons why morning coitus is the best ever!

1. You’ll remember everything.

You and your girlfriends will totally enjoy the recap of the who’ll thing! You usually say chunks of phrases like, “It was great?” , “He was so hot. Did you guys saw him?” Now, you’ll be filling out those blanks with the good stuff.

2. You will for a fact wake up in the right side of the bed.

Making love in the morning is a good kick start. University of Cincinnati Researchers had found that getting laid in the morning is a natural stress reliever. Surprisingly, these effects can go on like up to seven days!

Levels of IgA will increase because of morning coitus. IgA is an antibody that helps in fighting against infection. This is according to Dr. Debby Herbenick, who is an American research scientist and also the author of “Because It Feels Good.” Its like a way of intaking your vitamins daily but more pleasurable!

3. You can now skip the gym.

Doing this will be a greater alternative. Changing your daily routine from working out to this will be the best. Scientist already confirmed that one hour of banging already burns calories as many as your 30-minute jog. Respectively, men and women burns calories in an average of 240 and 180 calories.