4 Reasons Why Husbands Should Make Love To Their Pregnant Wives Almost Everyday!

Some women aspires to have their own child and that motherhood is a gift and gives joy to any women. However, some doesn't want because they see it as a burden and some see the changes in their bodies with admiration.

Pregnancy is not a bed of roses. Bearing a child for nine months can be stressing and there are some tips attached that can help relieve the stress. Some say that women should not make love when they are pregnant. However, the truth is it might be the best love making you have ever experienced. Also, it helps to strengthen the muscles that a woman needs for labor and after delivery.

Here are the reasons why!

1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Making love during pregnancy helps to your blood pressure to be low. Oxytocin or also known as the love hormone which is released during love making is a great stress reliever. All of the tension that was built up will fade away and through this, it keeps your blood pressure at a good and healthy level.

2. Enables Sound Sleep

When pregnant, women usually experience different kinds of uneasiness like back pains, frequent urination, sleeping hours gets shorter as the fetus grows. Making love is good way to have that sound sleep whereas the woman feels much more relaxed especially after reaching the climax.