5 Things That Your Period Say About Your Health! Must Read!

You think that if your period can speak, it will just tell you if you are pregnant or not. Or if you need to drink some of those ibuprofen's because of your cramps that hurts so much. However, your menstrual cycle also tells you about your health issues too.

Menstrual habits dies seem to change throughout the decades but it is necessary to also consider the changes in your menses such as in change in frequency, amount of flow and length.

Here are 6 conditions what your period say about your health. If you suspect that you have them, immediately make an appointment to our gyno.

1. Your pituitary gland or thyroid might have an issue if you light flows.

- You don’t need to panic. Light flows are usual if you are taking birth control pills. But if you have light flows and not taking birth control pills, this means that you might actually have hormonal imbalance.

2. Sudden bleeding throughout the periods can be caused by cervical or uterine polyps.

- If bleeding starts to occur unexpectedly then you’re having a break through in bleeding. It is normal if you are on pills, but it is better if you consult your doctor. Breakthrough bleeding can also be an indication that you have cervical or uterine polyps. This is because of the too much oestrogen in your body. Anyhow, it also indicates fibroids or other similar infections. Bleeding in your private part can also mean, cancer.

3. If you keep on experiencing unbearable cramps for days, you better consult your doctor.

- Experiencing unbearable cramps during your period, which is you think usual, your thoughts have deceived you. Doctors say that young women who thinks that enduring cramps is something that they have to go through, is not really the case. They better see the Doctor because it may harm them.

4. Late menstruation can be a sign that you are pregnant, you are mist like having a hormonal imbalance. Better make an appointment to your Doctor if this is the case.

- If you think that your period is late and chances are you are pregnant, then it is good. On the other hand, there some points that you should bear in mind. Your ovulations might not be normal or you might be having PCOS and that makes your fertile days be difficult for you. If you are obese or have less fat in your body, you might be dealing with serious hormonal imbalance. If this is your situation, consult your Doctor now.

5. If the color of your discharge is somewhat similar to a “cranberry juice”, it means that your secretion is normal.

- But if your period’s color is different from a “cranberry juice”, you might have an estrogen imbalance. Assumed, that does not mean that your menstruation lead to any of these problems - or you are most likely to be a late bloomer or an early one if you had experienced them. But still, this is a reminder that your period can be an indication of the things that are going on inside your body.
Via HealthyTipsTAN