Latest Study: Sleeping On Your Right Side Can Bring Extreme Dangers To Your Body!

Sleeping is one of the thing that people loves to do. Sleeping sideways is a common position while sleeping. This way, you could hug your favorite pillow.

A recent study was conducted by a scientist saying that it is better for people to sleep on their left side rather than on their right.

This is mainly because if a person sleeps sideways the flow of gastric juices and acids in their stomach will be drained in the esophagus. If this will remain there for a long time, you may have overly-rapid digestion in your stomach in which food will not be digested properly, or worse, it will lead on having risks of esophageal and stomach cancer.

Women who are pregnant are also advised to lay on their left side so that blood flow going to the heart will be easy. Both the baby and the mother will benefit from this.

If you sleep on your left side, it will also prevent you from heartburn, indigestion and acid re-flux.
Via HealthyTipsTNP