At First It Was Just Bad Breath, But The Reason That Her Dentist Told Her Was Terrifying!

Having problems with bad breath? Even though you brush or gargle many times it still smells? Well maybe you're having a serious dental problem: tonsil stones

Tonsils have these what we call "crypts" or pockets that when we age, it constantly close. But some of the pockets are still open.

Food, mucus, dead cells and bacteria compile in the 'pockets' until they becomes hard and form into small stone-like figures which can be called as tonsillitis. These stones are the major reasons why people tend to have bad breath.

In solution to this, you can gargle salt water and drinking water regularly.

If you opt for quicker medication, you can simply use cotton swabs or a tooth brush. Gently push the stones out of your tonsils, do it in-front of a mirror. After while, gargle it with saline water to wash out the tonsil crypts.

But if it becomes painful, make sure to visit your dentist. You may have to undergo surgery or drink antibiotics.

Take note that bad breath is just a simple complication. A bad breath may lead to a bigger problem.