If You Don’t Avoid These During Your Period, It Could Harm Your Health! Must Read!

Women having their monthly period can be troublesome for boys. This is the time when girls get too sensitive and moody at times.

You'll be reading a list of what NOT to do during a girl's period.

1. Making love without protection
- If you do this even the girl is on her period, you might have the risk of having an infection.

2. You should not skip meals
- Upon discharging, your energy decreases that's why make sure that you recharge by eating your meals.

3. Avoid doing physical work
-  Doing physical work will make you feel too much pain in your back and stomach.

4. Avoid eating fast food
- Ladies, don't let your craving fool you. Eating fast food is not a great idea whereas it consist of cholesterol.

5. Don't stay up too late.
- You better have some rest during the night. Try playing some soothing and mellow songs that can help you fall asleep easily.

Try to avoid drinking water with ice for this may cause you to have cancer and cyst. This is because the blood remains on the uterus wall.
Via HealthyTipsTNP