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Moringa (Scientific name: Moringa oleifera) is a plant which originated to the sub-Himalayan areas in Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and also in the tropics. Ayurveda medicine states that it can cure more than 300 diseases. For centuries, the leaves, flowers, bark, fruit, seeds and root are often used as traditional medicine. 

Moringa is also named as "miracle tree", "drumstick tree" or horseradish tree". It has small round leaves weighted with protein, calcium, beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium and many more. That is why it used as medicine and also as a source of food and this went on for 4,000 years.

This herb is usually used for people who is anemic and has arthritis and rheumatism. Also those who have cancer, constipation, diabetes, diarrhea, epilepsy, stomach pain, ulcers, spasms in the intestines, headache, heart problems, high blood pressure, kidney stones, fluid retention, thyroid disorders and also bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasitic infections. Besides that, Moringa is also used as an aphrodisiac, prevents pregnancy and boosts the immune system and increase breast milk production.

Since Moringa is rich in fiber, it is best for he digestive system whereas it cleans too much waste in the intestines. It can also wipe out H. Pylori bacteria. This bacteria is the reason why people have ulcers, gastritis and gastric ulcers. 

Moringa can also be applied straight in the skin for it can be used as a germ killer or an astringent. You can also use it to treat pocket infections, athlete's foot, dandruff, gum diseases, snakebites, warts and wounds. This is what Moringa can do.