Love M*king Positions For You To Have A Baby Boy You always Wanted!

Boy or a girl? Couples tend to make a choice on what gender do they want their child to be. That’s why thinking of a position during love m*king less like playing God or somehow more like rolling the dice to see if all is in favor of you. 

However, further study is needed to prove which love m*king position will ensure the the gender of your baby. Still, couples are still into those bedroom tricks to have that baby boy they desire to have. 

The greatest factor is the genetic composition of the sp3rm of the Father that has a great imprint to the gender of the baby. However, parents (and some experts) still bets on st*mulating positions that will help the short-living male sp3rm to reach the finish line:

1. Try it behind
- This is also called as the “dogg*e style” this is mostly suggested to couples that desires to have a baby boy. This position has deeper p3netration, therefore, during the emission of the male, it is being laid away closer to the cervix. Male sp3rms are faster because it does not live as long unlike females. Less distance of the male sp3rm to travel, the better!

2. Do it standing up
- For you to have a baby boy, you should do it standing up. This also allows deep penetration just like the “dogg*e style” and helps the male sp3rm to swim faster to the egg. Since it’s not backed up by science yet, giving it a shot would not hurt and it can make things exciting for the both of you.

Love Making Positions For You To Have A Baby Boy You always Wanted!

3. Choose a position that’ll make you reach the cl*max
- This is serious though! This is not a joke or stating something that is obvious. Reaching the cl*max will make a woman’s private part be like alkaline. Good thing for you, the shift of pH mainly favors the male sp3rm. It has a greater opportunity at reaching the egg and be fertilized first. So why don’t you call your partner and have some fun! And besides, who does not want to reach the cl*max when you’re m*king out?

4. Wait until you ovulate 
- Timing is very important when you are planning to have a baby. Doing the deed in the day that you’ll do it and also to the days that you don’t can be likely have an impact in the gender of your baby. According to Carmen Kosice, an experienced nurse and midwife, RN, MSN, informs that love mak*ng should be avoided in atlas four or five days leading up to ovulation. Male sp3rm are fast in swimming. The theory is that the the male sp3rm will reach the egg first. 

5. Take in more calories
- Eating more calories and cereals can help in conceiving a baby boy. In University of Exeter in the UK has conducted a study that recommends that increasing your into 400 calorie intake a day and eating cereal especially with bananas, fish, vegetable and other foods that are high in energy can assist in having a baby boy. This is revealed by Dr. Ava Cadell - a spokesperson of The Experience Channel and also a renowned love and int3rcourse therapist. This sounds interesting!

6. Let him drink some coffee
- Half an hour before m*king out, make him drink a cup of strong caffeinated coffee or also a large soda. It will give the sp3rm an extra breakthrough, most especially to the males - this is aforementioned by Dr. Shettles, he is the author of “How to Choose the S3x Of Your Baby”.