MUST READ: 3 Effective Ways To Cure Your Cough And Cold!

People catch a cold because of infections from a virus but when it comes to coughs, it's a totally different thing. Coughs are usually caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses. There are two kinds of coughs: the productive and wet cough where it consists of mucus and the non-productive or dry cough.

If you have a cough and cold, here are the things you should do for you to get rid of them:

1. Take in medicines for cough and cold.

- Cough and cold may cause you pain so make sure to in take medicines like acetaminophe or NSAIDS which may help you ease the pain.

- You should also get some over-the-counter cold medicines. 

- Rubbing some menthol rub will help in removing coughs and sinus congestions. Apply a pint-size of Vick's VapoRub and Mentholatum on your chest and around your nose.

2. Use At-Home remedies to cure your cough and colds.

- Rest for 12 hours to mkae sure that you will relieve from cough and cold.

- Keeping the air humid in your home will help you. Try using a humidifier and a vaporizer for you to feel better. But dont forget to put some essential oils in your humidifier.

- Make sure to drink plenty of fluids and warm water. Drink eight to ten ounce glasses of water.

- Have a healthy diet.

- Eat a warm soup.

- To reduce the swelling of your throat, use a warm salt water then gargle it.

3. You can use herbal remedies to relieve cough and cold.

- Honey can be the cure for your cough and cold. In the warm honey, you just have to add three tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice.

- Drink some turmeric milk to completely wipe out the bacteria. In a one glass of milk, mix 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric.

- For the mucus to increase its secretion and make it thin also, to make the phlegm easier to cought it out, make sure to in take expectorant herbs.

- Drink at least 4-6 the entire day.

- Steam some herbs to have herbal remedies that can go directly to your lungs.