MUST READ: 5 Dangerous Diseases Brought By Using Microwaves That You Always Ignore!

One of the helpful inventions that was created is the microwave. Through this, heating and sometimes cooking food was already made easy. Despite of all the perks that it has, a questions lingers: if using can it be good, safe and healthy for us?

It turns out that microwaves are not that healthy compared to what we know. It can’t maintain the nutrients in the food compared to the natural way of cooking.

Here are 5 health issues that microwave’s bring us:

1. Antioxidant’s are being lost

Antioxidants are being destroyed. Losing these may lead you in risk of having a heart attack.

2. Nutrient loss

Flavors are removed when it is heated using the microwave then doing so leads to nutrient loss.

3. Insomnia

It was aforementioned that the electromagnetic fields in the microwave gives harm to your brain and eventually ends up in having sleep disturbance.

4. Fatigue

Fatigue and obesity can be the result if you often use microwaves.

5. Cancer

When you re-heat your food using to microwaves, it can be exposed to radiation that develops organisms that will can lead to cancer.
Via HealthyTips, TNP