MUST READ: 8 Signs That You Have Kidney Failure

One of the most important organ found in a person’s body is the kidney. It is the one that filters waste materials and excessive fluids. Also, it is the main organ that controls the level of electrolytes which keeps our body strong and healthy. 

Here are warning signs that your kidney is not working well. 

1. Changes in your urine.
- It is dark in color and most of the times in small amounts.

- Your urine is foamy.

- Having constant urge for you to go peeing at night.

- If it is pale in color and mostly huge amounts. 

- You’re having difficulties in urinating. 

- Pressures in urinating.

2. Swellings
 - If your urine will not be able to take away the fluids, you’ll be having swollen joint, limbs and even your face.

3. Skin Rashes
- The blood gets filthy and looking dry, unhealthy and irritating. 

4. Fatigue
- The responsible in making more red blood cells and hormones are the kidneys. Decrease in number of red blood cells and hormones may lead you to fatigue.

5. Breathe shortness
- Not getting enough amount of oxygen will definitely harm your lungs.

6. Metallic taste in the mouth
- Foods that you in take will change is terms of taste. This change is caused by damage in the kidney.

7. Pain
- Upper back pain will occur and this is all because of the triggered kidney stones and infections. 

8. Dizziness and failure to concentrate
- Having failure in your kidney will wreck your focus and concentration. Thus, leading to dizziness, memory troubles and making you feel light headed.