MUST READ: Hundreds Are Affected With This New Sexually Transmitted Infection!

Intercourse has its advantage and disadvantage. Apparently, many have been infected by this new found disease and not attentive about it.

People who have been infected usually has symptoms like vaginal bleeding, pain in the testicles, an excretion in the male organ and pain round the genital area notably during intercourse. If these symptoms get more serious, the outcome can be distressing.

Experts expect that roughly around 1% of the public is infected by this bacteria. In women, vaginal bleeding, experiencing pain during intercourse, infertility and ectopic pregnancy. Yet, men experience mild symptoms.

 MUST READ: Hundreds Are Affected With This New Sexually Transmitted Infection!

Mycoplasma Genitalium, is a transmitted disease that easily affects people. This disease is caused by microorganisms that has factors of microbes which usually appear in the urethra and reproductive system.

Mycoplasma implies to a group of microscopic organisms that is combined with greater than 70 definite species, nonetheless some of them are found in the human body and causes illness to people. It is also showed in studies that due to the contamination of the microscopic organisms, M. Genitalium happens to exceed gonorrhea and turns out to be one of the most normal transmitted disease with teenagers.

In United Kingdom, people ages 16 to 44 which results to 250,000 people, based on U.K. census data. Also there are findings in the United States which is people with the same percentage are infected by this disease. Those teenagers whom participated in the said research in America, it was showed that 4.2% has chlamydia, 2.3% has trichomonad and 1% has Mycoplasma and 0.4% has gonorrhea.

You can avoid Mycoplasma Genitalium by honing safe intercourse. Contraceptives like condoms gives out finest help to prevent STIs (sexually transmitted infection).
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