MUST READ: Should A Woman's Private Part Smell This Way?

Spoiled tuna, fish taco, cod canal... Boys can be so mean.

Let's get things straight first, your private part supposed to have a smell. Despite of those rude jokes that you carry out in the past.

One thing that makes women insecure is that if they smell fresh down there especially before having fun with a partner. This topic is supposed to be kept, but if you have this private part, you know what were talking about here.

If you keep on thinking if your private part smells like fresh flowers or a seafood restaurant, these are the things you should know.

Well, we have to consider the factors that makes your friend down there smells. Don't worry, we'll get there. Remember that every private part has it's own special scent. It because of the combination of the normal bacteria that is in you private part. It's due to what you eat, the clothes you wear, the level of your hygiene, the amount of your sweat and the secrete of your glands.

If you use too many soaps, sprays, perfumes and things that deodorize your private part will interfere the natural pH of your private part. You might be wishing that your private part smells like a flower garden but it does not supposed to smell that way.

Sara Gotffried M.D., the author of The Hormone Cure thinks that women have unrealistic expectation about what they smell. She said,  "There's so much shame around the normal range of what women smell like." She added that, "We're stuck with this mindset that women are expected to be nice, pretty and for their lady parts to smell really good, like some fake scent. Like you're going to smell like a gardenia. And that's just going to make you miserable because that's not the normal human scent."

The smell is considered normal. Few women that has no scent in their private part and other give off a strong odor. So now, how can you tell if your lady part smell good? A scent that gives off signs that something bad is happening down there often comes with itching, swelling, discharge or pain during you urinate.

Here are the smells that you better look into:


- Well, having this kind of smell in your private parts signals you that something wrong is going down there. And it's very serious. The intense fishy smell that you have can be an indication of a bacterial vaginosis - an infection that it related to an imbalance of bacteria in your lady part or trichomoniasis - a common yet curable STI. Those infections give off a fishy scent that is accompanied with a white or gray discharge and they could be cured by taking antibiotics.