MUST WATCH: Man Blow Dries A Banana And You Would Not Believe What Happens After He Peels It Off!

Bananas are faster than you could ever think off. Hours after you have peeled it off, from yellow, it will change into black and will be able to be eaten anymore.

This is already normal to banana lover out there. Knowing that after peeling the banana, it rots in just a blink of an eye!

But a Youtuber, Brandon Queen has discovered something interesting. A hack which will refresh the banana. From a rotten banana to a fresh and edible banana.

This awesome hack starts with a releasable bag and placing rice inside then put the banana inside and cautiously remove the air. After waiting for an hour, Brandon grabbed his blow dryer and carefully drying the banana. The the banana magically turned yellow again. Well, it is not like the kind of yellow that it was before, but it is better than eating a black banana.

The viewers mind were blown because of the Suburban Life Hack that was shared by Brandon Queen. Besides this, he has tons of life hacks that will make everything work for everyone.