Pure Blooded Filipino Children Born With Blue Eyes! Amazing!

We all thought that pure blooded Filipinos can not be born with blue eyes. The usual color of pure blooded Filipinos eyes are either black or borwn. But a little girl in Mamburao, Mindoro Occidental and a little boy from Santa Catalina, Ilocos Sur was born with beautiful blue eyes!

Thinking that both of them does not have foreign blood. In an interview, both of their mothers said the same reason why the two children was born with blue eyes. They were both "pinaglihi" to dolls that have blue eyes. They said that they kept on staring at it because they were captivated by it.

We all know that this is unbelievable. At first they thought that they were blind but it turns out that their eyes function normally. These children having been born with blue eyes are called "iris heterochromia". The supply of melanin in the eyes may exceed the normal or lacking thereof. This can also cause different neurological diseases.

The doctor said that their "paglilihi" has nothing to do with it. It may all sound impossible but it is true that these children were born with blue eyes! They are both pure blooded Filipinos yet they were born with what other Filipinos aspire to have, blue eyes.