SECRET POISON: It Is Poisoning You Every Day Without You Knowing It! Must Read!

People oftenly feel heavenly when they wear their clothes smelling good and fresh. Gratitude to Fabric Conditioners and Softeners that does not only give your clothes that fresh scent, it also gives softness.

Despite of all the goodness it brings, did you also know that fabric conditioners are made up of different chemicals that can be dangerous to humans?

Well, they were constructed to be fragrantful and to cling onto fabrics which sometimes difficult to remove. Fragrance Substantive depicts how can be lost into a particular material. 

You'll see here a list of toxic chemicals that is found in all Fabric Conditioners:

Alpha-Terpineol: This may cause you to have the feeling of dizziness, headache, hunger, memory loss and even numbness in your face and pain will be felt in your neck and spine

SECRET POISON: It Is Poisoning You Every Day Without You Knowing It! Must Read!

Benzyl Acetate: This is somehow linked to pancreatic cancer. The vapors of this chemical will be irritating to your eyes and lungs. The skin can also absorb it. 

Benzyl Alcohol: This chemical can cause damage to the central nervous system, headache, nausea, vomitting, dizziness and sudden drop of your blood pressure. 

Chloroform: A powerful chemical 
that  is carcinogenic neurotoxin and causes health dilemmas like loss of conciousness, nausea, headache, vomitting and dizziness or vomitting

Linalool: This is a narcotic chemical that causes loss of muscle coordination and respiratory problems

That is why always put to mind these chemicals when you use Fabric conditioners. Don't worry, your clothes will still smell fresh by using natural alternatives which is safer and cheaper!

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