This Will Happen To You If You Don’t Make Love To Your Partner Regularly! Must Watch! Chat Conversation End

A lot of experts say that love making regularly is pleasant for the body. It has positive effects and keeps not just the couple’s relationship but also their bodies. 

But what will actually happen to the body of a person if he/she stops engaging themselves in regular love making?

The first effect would be, your brain function worsens. This is because the capacity of your brain sharpens with the satisfaction you get.

Second would be men can have a high risk of erectile dysfunction if he would not be making love at least once a week.

Third is that you may feel lonely, have self doubt and frustration which may cause your self-esteem to suffer.

Fourth will be a person would likely to have anxiety because the brain discharge the what we call ‘feel-good’ chemicals that helps people to get handle on stress.

Having a great foundation in your relationship is good but it is also necessary to have your intimate time with your partner in bed.