WARNING: 5 Dangerous Signs Of Testicular Cancer That Men Are Usually Embarrassed To Talk About!

Men doesn't usually talk about their problems in manhood. Some are usually ashamed to talk about it.

Based on a statistics, approximately, 8,720 men in the United States are diagnosed with Testicular cancer in 2016 alone.

Health experts are suggestion men to do frequent self-examination of their private area.

To do a self examination, one should:

Hold your manhood out of the way and examine one ball at a time. Placing it between your fingers and thumbs (both hands) and roll it between your fingers. Check if there are any bumps, lumps or it change in size.

Numbers are increasing out of hand when it comes to men having testicular cancer. This is the reason why you should not ignore these indications:

1. There are lumps in your testicles.
2. Having that feeling the your scrotum feels heavier.
3. You feel pain or pressure in your belly or groin.
4. Instances that your chest grows and it feels soar.

Significant Reminders:
- Put in mind that one testicle is normally larger than the other.

- Also, that in of those is hanging lower than the other.
Via HealthyTips,TNP