You Are Not Fat! Your Stomach Is Just Bloated! Here Are Some Ways To Get Rid Of It! Read It Here!

Feeling bloated is normal among people especially after eating too much. However some experience it all the time. This is not by reason of too much farting or bleaching. There could tons of reasons for this feeling.

1. Not drinking enough water
One of the major reason  why people feel bloated and other illness is due to lack of water. When a person doesn't drink too much water, the body will begin using the fluids which are available in our body. This comes out with fluid retention in the body which makes the person have that bloated feeling. That is why people should intake lots of water especially if they drink liquids that are high in caffeine or alcohol.

2. Constipation
If you often feel constipated, you should eat food with more fiber and slowly add it to your diet. Try these changes in your diet: instead of eating white rice, eat brown rice instead. Have more intake of smoothies and berries. Know that gasses are present behind the feces in constipated bowels.

3. Too much stress
Did you know that stress is also a cause of being bloated? This is a result of the digestive system not working properly when you are stressed. If you have a solution to your stress, your bloating and stomach pain will naturally stop.

4. Eating too fast
Always put in mind to eat only small bites of food. If you chew your food slowly and properly, its processing happens constantly. When you eat too fast, it will make you feel bloated. This is when digestion is happening at its own step.

5. Carbohydrates
Bloating can also be because of foods rich in carbohydrates. Avoiding foods that are high-carb, sugary and alcoholic drinks will not just remove that bloated feeling but will also make you healthy. also, eat more vegetables and fruits.
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