Yummy Solution: Garlic And The Effects On Hypertension

Garlic is best known as a herb that adds flavor to your food. But did you know that garlic can save your life? A Newspaper even had their headline as, “A daily dose of garlic can save your life,” and today, researches has proven that garlic is efficient to those who have high blood pressure still bothers critics. Even though there are evidences, still people who are still doubtful about it continues to debate if it is the early studies are really legitimate. The results were really provoking and has helped further studies to loon into the effects of garlic to those who have hypertension and to our health.

Who would have thought that hypertension and garlic can be associated and who would have speculate that the worst thing that garlic can give you is bad breath but a solution to your hypertension problems. The breath is not actually the remedy, but it is a good sign though. Before we get into details on how garlic can be the cure for hypertension, we must know first what it is. 


The possibility of having high blood pressure is one, when the walls of your arteries and veins grew thicker due to bad cholesterol. The result of this is that the blood has a smaller pathway that's why the blood now will be in high pressure. Another one is smoking. Smoking tends to lessen the oxygen that we can in take in our system and this makes stress the heart and makes it work harder. If your heart is working faster, it gives high blood pressure. In line with this is alcohol drinking. Doctors frequently advise you to not drink alcohol if you have high blood pressure. Which is good because alcohol covers wall of the red blood cells and the blood vessels, resulting to high surface tension and again, causes high blood pressure. 


An Australian study with 50 participants who are suffering from high blood pressure has a conclusion that in taking garlic has a positive effect on them. The patients has very high blood pressure  and they are even under medication. And the study shows that there is a remarkable drop on their blood pressure of the patients who took in 4 capsules with garlic extract than those who took placebo. A latest study who was also done by Australian researchers, that patients that were given garlic for their high blood pressure demonstrated that a lower 10mmHg systolic blood pressure difference to the group of patients than those who took placebo. In this case, garlic for high blood pressure really does work.

Yummy Solution: Garlic And The Effects On Hypertension

Yummy Solution: Garlic And The Effects On Hypertension


Another study has shown that garlic has allicin which when it is broken down in the body that often times gives that garlic breath smell can be beneficial for high blood pressure. 

Sulfur agents are discharged after the allicin is broken in the body. The compounds now reacts with the red blood cells that further creates hydrogen sulfide that relaxes our blood vessels allowing it to move or flow freely

In an experiment, Alabama based team has mixed rat blood vessels in a bath that has garlic extract. The results were amazing as the blood’s tension in the vessels was lessen by 72%.The team also found that red blood cells exposure in a minute to a dose of garlic extract from your local markets has instantly give off hydrogen sulfide. 

If you’re still in doubt whether garlic works for high blood pressure, better consult your doctor and see if you can consider trying garlic for high blood pressure.