LATEST DISCOVERY: Listerine Is Not Only A Mouthwash. You Can Also Use It In So Many Ways!

The famous antiseptic mouthwash that is all over the country is "Listerine". It is named after Joseph Lister - he is a pioneer in antiseptic surgery.

Doctors also prescribe everyone to use mouthwash rather than brushing your teeth. Through doing this, it will maintain the freshness of your breath. This is one of the reason why many still use Listerine. 

Their slogan, "Kills germs that caused bad breath" is indeed catchy! But beyond that, you can use this mouthwash in so many ways:

1. Cures Acne
- You can't believe it right? But yes. It can cure your acnes that is till lingering around your face. You just have to soak the cotton ball in the mouthwash and dab it a few times on your acne. Just let it stay there for a few minutes to kill the germs and the bacteria there. Repeat this procedure everyday so that all of your acne will go away!

2. Cures blisters
- Listerine can also cure blisters! You should also do the same procedure just like what is said on the first one. Again, soak the cotton ball on the mouthwash and dab on the area that is affected. To make your blisters go away, just do this every day! 

3. Cures cold and cough
- When you have a cold or even a cough, your throat seem to hurt or it feels like there is something stuck in there. Well, that is probably a bacteria stuck on your throat. The solution to that is gargle Listerine to remove those lingering bacteria in your mouth! 

4. Cure for dandruff
- Dandruff is usually caused by dry skin and sensitivity to hair products. So to remove dandruffs, you just have to mix 1 cup of water and ¼ cup of Listerine and lightly massage your hair then rinse it. You may think that it is weird, but no worries! It’s safe to do.

5. Can be used as Deodorant
- Unbelievable right? But yes! You can use Listerine as a deodorant. You just have to dab a little amount of Listerine in your armpits. This can prevent those unwanted smells in your body. So, bye smelly armpits!

6. Lice Infestation
- Have lice in your hair? Here’s the solution to your problem! If Listerine can kill germs and bacteria, it will also kill lice too! Just apply some in your scalp and cover it with a shower cap for atleast one hour. If there is still lice in your hair after doing it, better repeat this method 3 times a week.

7. Cures Toenail Fungi and Stinky Feet
- Odor-causing bacteria can be killed by using Listerine, then your fungi problem will be solved right away! You just have to mix 2 parts of warm water in one part of Listerine then soak your feet in the mixture. Do this for a few minutes every single day then that stinky feet and fungi will definitely vanish!
Via HealthyTipsTheHealthCenter