TRY THIS: Carrots Sample Recipe and Health Benefits

The favorite food of rabbits are carrots. It is also one of the popular root vegetable in your local market. It also has various colors like orange, yellow, white, red, purple, and even black. It is native in Europe and in south-west Asia. 


Carrots are very much known for having vitamin A, one of the fat soluble vitamins, along with vitamin D, E and K. It is taught in schools and in books that vitamin A has a main function in eyesight. It develops and improves parts in your eyes thus prevents in having disorders.

A Duke Ophthalmologist named Jill Koury, as mentioned by medical news today, deficiency in vitamin A can led to the deterioration of the outer segments of the photo receptors of the eye that can even cause damage in your vision. Based on Koury, food that is high in beta carotene are efficient in correcting vitamin deficiency in which restores vision. Other studies reveal that many people has improved their eye sight just by eating carrots. However, the may not be the main factor if people has an existing deficiency of the vitamin. 

Further revelation was made - carrots are one of the secrets of the British Royal Air Force in the time of World War. Based on reports, the air-force made an advertising campaign that asserts that carrots are the one who is responsible for their pilots in having clearer and sharper vision. The liable for the accuracy of the pilot was disclosed in Britain’s radar system. However, there are still allegations that are still known up to this time.

TRY THIS: Carrots Sample Recipe and Health Benefits


It also promotes cardiovascular health. Based on Organic Facts, carrots can decrease levels of high blood cholesterol thus may lead of increase in having a heart diseases.  It is said in the publication in Scotland which is the Wolfs Gastrointestinal Laboratory researchers in Edinburgh, determined that if a person consumes seven ounces everyday for three weeks, results say that it declines the level of cholesterol by 11 percent. A study was conducted in Italy that people ate more carrots, one-third of which has high risk of having a heart attack rather than those who eat less carrot.s

However, pressure-related cardiac disorders can be avoided if you eat carrots. Organic Facts again stated that carrots are high in potassium which is also known as a vasodilator - this means that it has the ability to widen the blood vessels and allowing blood to flow in them. It also recommends that potassium can push up the blood flow and the circulation and also the improvement of the oxygenation and nutrient absorption of the body. Plus, decline in blood pressure will decrease the workload of your heart and prevent it to grow bigger. 


CARROT SALAD WITH HONEY-LEMON DRESSING is expected as a great recipe for carrots since it is combined with celery root, honey, and lemon. According to Eating Well, the ingredients are:

- two cups of shredded carrots
- a cup of peeled and shredded carrots
- one-fourth cup of golden raisins
- one-fourth cup of chopped walnuts
- two tablespoons of canola oil
- two tablespoons of lemon juice
- a tablespoon of lemon juice
- one small shallot
- salt and pepper

Here are the steps:

- Prepare the oil, honey, lemon juice, salt, pepper and shallot them mix it in a large bowl.

- Carrots, raisins, walnuts and celery root are added then mix them all together

In general, carrots are very good for your body. Not just only for the eyes, it has a colossal benefits on our health. Thus, adding carrots to some of your meal for the week will disclose health to your entire family and this will avoid them from having illnesses.