Want To Lose Weight? Just Follow This Egg Diet And Lose Them Magically In 3 Days!

There can never be enough ways to reduce weight because people constantly seek for the fit regime that would show effective results.

So here's another tip we'd like you to try and we are sure you'll love it because its results are like magic!

Don't worry, unlike most tips, this only requires one ingredient: eggs.

If you follow this strict egg diet for 3 consecutive days, say goodbye to your excess weight:

Day 1
Breakfast: cup of unsweetened green tea, 2 tomatoes, and 2 boiled eggs
Lunch: 120g baked fish, two egg whites and a glass of green tea
Snack: 1 apple
Dinner: steamed vegetables and a cup of green tea

Day 2
Breakfast: a cup of green tea, 1 banana, and two boiled eggs
Lunch: 120g of boiled chicken, two egg whites and a glass of green tea
Dinner: One biscuit, 120g cottage cheese and a cup of low-fat milk

Day 3
Breakfast: glass of tomato juice and two hard-boiled eggs
Lunch: Two egg whites, 120g cooked red meat and a glass of green tea
Dinner: two baked potatoes, green salad and a glass of green tea
Via: HealthyTipsYouTube