After Knowing The Effects Of Shaving Down There, You'll Surely Stop Doing It! READ THIS!

Are you fond of shaving or waxing your private part? Well, a study says that you shouldn't! 

According to a study 'American Diary of Obstetrics and Gynecology', headed by scientist Andrea de Maria, 87 percent of women go to beauty salons just to wax their private parts, while 90 percent are doing self-shaving.

Dr. De Maria even said that women should not shave or wax their private area since it is prone to cuts and wounds because it is very sensitive.


The reason why you shouldn't wax or shave your genital area is simply because  pubic hair is helping to protect it from sexually transmitted diseases and infections. This means that our private part is more prone to bacteria, as it is composed primarily of sweat glands.

Watch this video to know how to properly shave your private area.