Early Warning Signs Of Lung Cancer Every Woman Should Be Aware Of!

Lung cancer is a common type of cancer among men and women. It’s best to know the symptoms of cancer early on to prevent any further complications down the line. 

Lung cancer develops differently for both sexes, however. For women, their lung cancer is called adenocarcinoma. This form of cancer develops on the outer areas of the lungs and it’s symptoms are less noticeable than other cancer types.

Many cases of Adenocarcinoma tumors can spread throughout the body before they’re detected.

Watch for these early symptoms:

-Back/Shoulder Pain
-Shortness of breath during physical activity 

When cancer grows, more symptoms may develop such as:
-Persistent coughing
-Coughing up phlegm (sometimes with blood)
-Coughing up blood
-Change in mucus color
-Shortness of Breath
-Stridor (Harsh, grating sound when breathing)
-Hoarse Voice
-Chest pain that grows intense when you cough, laugh or take deep breaths

In advanced stages, lung cancer may affect areas of the body such as: lymph nodes, adrenal glands, liver, bones and the brain. Other symptoms appear during this stage:

-Unexplained weight loss
-Loss of appetite
-Pain in joints or bones
-Bone fractures
-Memory loss
-Swelling of the neck or face
-Blood Clots
-Yellow skin or eyes.