Ever Wonder What Happens When You Get Only 3 Hours Of Sleep A Day? READ MORE

Ask anyone over 25 how they feel and most people will tell you "I'm exhausted." More often than not, there's so much work to do that you just can't help but pull all-nighters to maximize every hour of every day.

While this can help you pull forward in your career, this will most likely cost you your health.

Here's what happens when you get by with only 6 hours of sleep:

-You lack oxygen
-You get irritable
-You become forgetful and unproductive
-You become sluggish
-You get fat
-You feel foggy and slow all day

So while you may think that you're pulling ahead, this behavior is actually slowing you down. So if you want to do better at work, start keeping a strict sleep schedule of 7-8 hours.