Here's What Causes And Prevents Vaginal Odor! MUST READ!

Let's face it: vaginas have an odor that can be less than appealing for some. But it turns out that this is a common problem among women. Some are just too embarrassed to talk about it.

Women struggle with an unusual smell in their private area due to its acidic pH level. According to Dr. Lulu Marquez on DZMM's "Private Nights", this fishy odor should not be ignored for it might actually be a larger problem

Marquez believes that the women who experience such should be aware of its causes and the ways to prevent it.

Here are some of the causes of abnormal vaginal odor: 

Poor hygiene
When a woman does not shower regularly, an inflammation of the vaginal area can cause vaginal odor. Marquez said that it may occur women in some women. Also, those who do not change their clothes and underwear after exercising may get a foul odor in the bikini area.

According to the doctor, sweat can come from the eccrine gland (produces salt and water) or apocrine gland (produces protein and fats). Apocrine sweat comes from the sweat glands from the hair follicles from the underarms, and pubic hair, among others. 

Dr. Marquez elaborated that bacteria are more attracted to proteins and fats, therefore triggering the bad smell.

The vaginal area's smell may also vary depending on the food taken.

Dr. Marquez listed some of the food that can make your vagina smell bad. This includes garlic, curry, onions, spices, and coffee

Meanwhile, the following ought to your bikini area smell better: pineapple, kiwi, blueberry, strawberry, mango, green tea, cucumber, parsley, and other food with prebiotics like kimchi and miso soup.

One of the most common concerns of a cervical cancer patient is also vaginal odor. Some times, it can be an early sign of the disease.

Sexually-transmitted disease (STD)

A smelly genitalia can also be caused by STDs like syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

Excessive vaginal douching
Marquez admitted that douching does no harm to the pH balance of the sensitive area. However, she reminded women that the vagina is self-cleaning and that chemicals found in some formula used for washing the bikini area may cause irritation and infection, which can also be the cause of the foul smell.

Sexual intercourse
Opposite from the female's genitalia that has an acidic pH level, men's seminal fluid is alkaline. Its interaction during sexual intimacy can lead to bad odor.

Now, here are the tips on getting rid of the fishy smell down there:

1. The moment you smell anything out of the ordinary, visit your doctor for an examination. In that way, the expert  can tell what the cause is and how to address it properly. 

2. Do not self-medicate. Most cases show that the current condition may only worsen if treated improperly. 

3. Avoid wearing tight underwear to minimize vaginal sweating which can cause bad odor. Experts suggest using underwear with more percent made of pure cotton.

4. When you are on your period, regularly change your tampons or napkins. Do not forget to leave them on for long periods of time.

5. Use organic feminine wash to avoid vaginal irritation.