Stop Using Your Smartphone While Using The Toilet! And This Is The Reason Why!

It can get a little boring to use the comfort room. There really isn’t a lot to do while in the CR: you go in, do your business, wash your hands then come out. As we all know people hate getting bored. 

So what do we do? We bring our smartphones with us. That way, you can read up on Facebook, look up your likes on Instagram or play a few games while nature calls.

Do you have a habit of bringing your smartphone in the toilet with you? 

If so then perhaps it’s time for you stop doing this. 

Why? Because of germs.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s better for you to put away your phone when going to the restroom.

1. Germs in fecal matter.
Germs are found everywhere – especially in feces. When you wash your hands after pooping do you also wash your phone? Of course not, because you can’t wash your electronic gadget. 

When using your cell phone while pooping sometimes a bit fecal matter splashes on your phone - yuck!

2. Public Contamination
Once the germs are deposited onto your cell phone – there is a bigger risk of the germs spreading to other people outside the restroom. This happens when you touch others. So if you’re not carefully wiping your phone with alcohol wipes then other people risk getting infected.

3. Bacteria
Feces hosts many kinds of nasty bacteria like: salmonella, E. Coli, C. difficile, noroviruses, etc. These bacteria are the cause of many diseases, so watch out!

Remember: try not to bring/use your phone while on a bathroom break. A few minutes of boredom may save you the hassle of being sick later.