These 33 Amazing Ways Of Using Lemon Will Make Your Daily Life Much Easier!

Lemons aren’t just for lemonade

Not only does the lemon give us a lot of vitamin C but yellow citrus fruit can be used in different areas of our daily life!

This list shows the many uses of the yellow fruit

1. Insect repellent
2. Helps remove foul odors 
3. Cleans kitchen table surfaces
4. Cleans the interior of refrigerators
5. Cleans the interior of washing machines
6. Can be used to bleach delicate fabrics
7. Removes mold from clothing
8. Can be used to clean jewelry
9. Helps to wash other fruits and vegetables
10. Revives wilted lettuce 
11. Revives the color of vegetables
12. Purifies blood
13. Treats headaches
14. Improves mental health
15. Helps relieve problems with breathing 
16. Helps relieve rheumatism or arthritis
17. Prevents signs of aging
18. Prevents kidney stones
19. Helps fight infections
20. Removes blackheads and warts
21. Removes stains on marble
22. Removes stains from fingers
23. Removes dark spots on skin
24. Removes dandruff
25. Helps with diphtheria
26. Helps with vaginal hygiene
27. Helps the digestive system
28. Helps relieve fever
29. Helps with dry elbows
30. Reduces symptoms of asthma
31. Disinfects cuts and scratches
32. Strengthens the health of the oral cavity (mouth area)
33. Strengthens finger and toenails