These Are 'Kissing Bugs' They're Everywhere And You Should Do This Once You See Them!

They might have a cute name for a bug but their toxins are so dangerous to humans!

These 'kissing bugs' are fatal! They usually attack at night because this is the time people are asleep.

Chagas is known as the silent killer because it already affected 300,000 people around the world and already killed more than 400 dogs around the world. 

If you have these symptoms, chances are you have Chagas:
- loss of appetite
- diarrhea
- poor coordination and confusion
- weakness
- seizures or jerky moments
- depression and lethargy
- increased heart rate
- swollen abdomen

How to get rid of them? Follow these tips:
- Keep your pets inside the house at night
- Always clean your house
- Clean piles of rocks, woods, and bushes near your house
- Seal all the gaps, cracks, and holes on the windows
- Keep the outdoor lights away from home