These Tips Will Surely Help You Avoid Bad Breath! Must Read!

It is a must for everybody to have fresh breath all day, as it shows proper and well-maintained hygiene. In addition, “bad breath” may lower one’s self-esteem and may discourage one from talking and expressing his or her ideas. 

One major cause of bad breath is the bacteria present in our mouths which is produced by plaque build-up on teeth. While the problem of having bad breath may be resolved, its persistence may be a sign of more serious gum and dental problems. It is best for us to get our teeth regularly checked by our dentist.

Doctor Liza Ong addressed this problems and gave some tips on how one can avoid having a bad breath:

1.) Brush the teeth three times a day
- Regular cleaning and brushing of the teeth is a must to avoid plaque build-up. Dr. Ong also recommended using dental floss after brushing so plaque in between the teeth could be removed.

2.) Use a tongue cleaner
- The problem of having bad breath does not lie solely in the teeth. Since the major cause of this problem is bacteria, the tongue should also be cleaned. Alcohol-free mouthwash helps in cleaning the tongue to avoid bacteria accumulation.

3.) Have a regular dental check-up
- Visiting the dentist every six months is a must for everyone. Having our dental health monitored is very helpful in avoiding bad breath.

4.) Avoid excessive consumption of garlic, onion and chili

- These spices produce odors that stays in the mouth for hours. It will be helpful to limit the consumption of these spices.
Via: HealthyTipsYouTube