You Will Definitely Stop Eating Pork Siomai After Reading This! Find Out Why!

You can't deny that, despite being a traditional Chinese dish and not Filipino, you still love eating Siomai. It’s one of our favorite snacks and we love having it as part of our meals.

We’ve grown so fond of its sumptuous taste that we often look for it in fast food chains and from street food vendors. One piece isn't enough for a siomai-lover, am I right?

It comes either fried or steamed, depending on your preference. Siomai is usually comes in a variety of flavors, such as shrimp, beef or pork. They are wrapped in wanton or nori sheets and sometimes contain carrots.

The main ingredient for most Siomai is ground pork, which typically makes it a bit dirty. Pigs usually aren't sanitary in nature since they eat leftovers, insects and pretty much anything they can get their snouts on.

We should beware of the toxins that we might potentially get from pigs. These could remain in our system along with fatty tissues.

But if you are the kind of food lover that doesn't mind getting a bit of pork inside your belly, proper diet by eating balanced meals should be enough to stay healthy.
Via: HealthyTips, YouTube