Beware: 10 Sleeping Habits That May Be Affecting Your Sleep! Find Out More Here!

One should be informed that there are a number of possible factors that may affect the quality of sleep, or lack thereof. 

If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, here’s 10 factors that may give explain why:

1.) Late dinner – Make sure that dinner is eaten at least 2 hours before sleeping, as it can affect the digestion process and can keep you awake.

2.) Coffee – For all you caffeine addicts, try not to drink coffee at least 4 hours before sleeping time if you don’t want your eyes wide as you lay in your bed.

3.) Reading books before sleep – Some people have trouble sleeping after they read books, as it keeps their mind running and hungry for more information. Take it easy on the hardies, John.

4.) Cold feet – No, it’s not your cold ex who’s keeping you awake. It’s your feet so put a sock in it.

5.) Mobile Phones – Browsing the net on your mobile stimulates the brain, resulting in difficulty sleeping.

6.) Lights – You’re over 18 years old and you still sleep with the lights on. Come on.

7.) Sleeping routine – Try to make it a habit to put effort in following a schedule in your sleep, as it can greatly help normalize your body clock.

8.) Exercising – Try to keep away from heavy exercises 3 hours before sleeping, as it stimulates the mind and body.

9.) Drinks – Whether it is alcohol or just plain water, liquids are quicker to digest for the bladder and can make you prone to peeing before you sleep.

10.)  Mattress – Choose the right kind of mattress, for comfort’s sake.