Check Your Apples For This Commonly Used Cancer-causing Wax! Read Here!

It's no secret that a balanced diet with vegetables and fruits is beneficial for the body. 

Vegetables and fruits are where we obtain certain vitamins and minerals which fight diseases and help prevent certain cancers.

Unfortunately, even the healthy greens we eat are sometimes covered in harmful substances.

Most fruit farmers and manufacturers coat their fruits with a certain type of wax to preserve them. To apply the wax, they first wash away the natural wax that already covers the fruit. Then they coat fruits such as apples and oranges in a petroleum-based wax.

Most typical wax coatings contain preservatives and fungicides. However, it is also known that this type of wax sometimes contains artificial coloring used to improve the appearance of the fruit. Many food coloring commonly found in such food products have been linked to an increased risk of cancer. 

Check Your Apples For This Commonly Used Cancer-causing Wax! Read Here!

The wax itself is not considered as a food ingredient, thus companies are not obliged to disclose what the preservative is made of. Many know that this wax is petroleum-based and this has caused quite the controversy. Other allergens like gluten, dairy and soy are also present in this wax. 

To find out if your fruit is covered in wax, simply pour some hot water over them. If chalky-white stains appear, then it is most likely covered in artificial wax. 

Don't fret! Some manufacturers use organic fruit wax made from beeswax, wood resin and carnauba wax (made from palm leaves). These organic alternatives are not petroleum-based and have no preservatives.

If you're not a fan of fruit covered in artificial wax, then you can always shop at your local farmer's market.