Do You Love Having S*x? Then You'll Probably Live Longer

As human beings, our evolutionary DNA was designed for us to have and enjoy s*x for reproduction purposes. We need to engage in this activity to make sure that we produce offsprings who would ensure the survival of the race for the generations to come.  

But do you know that aside from the primary goal of reproduction, having s*x has other benefits? Here are some of the benefits that being sexually active can provide:

1. People who engage in s*x with their partners 2-3x a week are less likely to suffer from a stroke.  

According to research, men who engage in daily s*xual activity have 45% less chance suffering from a stroke. S*x as a form of exercise can serve as a workout for the heart

2. Those who enjoy s*x are also most likely to live longer since it relieves stress and contributes to a happier and healthier life. 

3. Having s*x for longer periods of time also increases the amounts of calories burned. As a matter of fact,  30 minutes of s*x burns 200 calories.

Do You Love Having S*x? Then You'll Probably Live Longer

4.S*x also makes your skin healthier and more radiant.  As your pores open up, they also release toxins through the sweat, making us feel better and healthier.

5.S*x is also a good way to combat stress and contribute to a happier, fulfilled and healthy life.  

How to make sure you are fit for s*x? 
1. Eating food that can boost libido or sexual desire.  Strawberries and chocolates are examples of these. Just be sure to eat in moderation, because too much can also decrease the urges.

2. If your house has a second floor, climb up to the second floor. If you feel tired after then this means you need to exercise more to make sure you’ll last longer. 

3. Mind your hygiene. Make sure you look and smell clean. 

4. The atmosphere matters. Choose a romantic or intimate setting that can excite you and your partner.