DrinkThis Before Going To Bed And Naturally Remove Your Stomach Fats!

We all want a flat stomach. However, most of us lack do not have the time exercise.

Now, we have here a simple tip on how you could get rid of your stomach fat just by drinking this before going to bed each night.

Combine parsley and cucumber in your water. This contains many diuretic and slimming properties, so drinking this will not just help you eliminate abdominal fat but will also help strengthen your immune system, boost your metabolism and even cleanse your body from toxins.

1/3 cup water
1 piece of ginger root
A cucumber
A bunch of parsley
Half lemon

- Grate the parsley until you have at least a teaspoon and preserved for later use. Cut the cucumber into thin slices.

You can now add all the ingredients in the blender, process it until everything is perfectly united. If you want it to be a little sweet, you can add honey.

Take this drink before going to bed for a few weeks and your belly fat would disappear without you noticing it.
Via: HealthyTipsReadandDigest