Girls Who Have Big Butts Could Be Smarter Than Those With Flat Behinds! FIND OUT WHY HERE!

Aside from being head-turners, curvier bodies also apparently hold intellectual excellence. 


A study was conducted by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2007. They found that varying butt sizes may tell something about a person's intelligence

Upon gathering over 16,000 women, the researchers concluded that the curvier girls consistently performed better than the skinnier girls on cognitive tests. 

The theorized that it was because the fats stored in the buttocks and upper thighs have omega-3 fatty acids, which are responsible for the healthy fats that improve brain power and overall health. 

On the other hand, stored fats in the abdominal area have the opposite results for the body. The fats that go down the stomach are omega-6 fatty acids, the bad kind that cause unhealthy weight gain.  

Girls Who Have Big Butts Could Be Smarter Than Those With Flat Behinds! FIND OUT WHY HERE!

Women with "coca-cola" figured (skinny middles and curvy butts) bodies are the ones that hold greater omega-3 stores than skinny-framed ladies, making their brains better at functioning.

Big butt benefits doesn't just stop right there.

Researchers also found that women with larger butts give birth to healthier babies. Again, the omega-3 fatty acids are a good source of nutrition for the baby. These fats are responsible for the development of the foetal brain. The greater the amounts of omega-3, the healthier the baby. 

Another study conducted by researchers from Oxford University discovered that the fat content in a mother’s breast milk comes from the lower half of her body, which are the thigh and buttock area. 

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