Heart Attack Can Be Prevented Just By Noticing This Changes! Your Hair Will Warn You!

Hair loss or baldness is caused by different reasons such as vitamin deficiency, aging or physical stress. Recently, studies gave insights about how hair loss or baldness can be related to heart diseases or heart attack.

Medical professionals attribute hair loss mainly on the high rates of stress a person can suffer from. It is because hair loss is caused by a problematic production of a hormone needed by the body to cope with stress.

The body produces hormones which are essential for the production of hair. These hormones are estrogen and testosterone. But when a person is suffering from severe stress, the body prioritizes producing cortisol, another hormone needed by the body to cope with stress.

Because the body has to produce cortisol, it causes depletion of the hormones needed to produce more hair.

With this study, researchers are correlating hair loss and presence of severe stress to the development of heart diseases and possible heart attack.

A person who is experiencing hair loss might be suffering from more serious diseases, so it is recommended to see a medical professional when this situation happens.