Here Are 5 Potentially Deadly Body Pains We Experience That Should Not Be Ignored! Read Here!

Body pain is commonly experienced by almost everybody, especially people of advanced age. It is the discomfort that happens in multiple areas of the body, most prominently in the muscles and joints.

Everybody deals with body pains differently. Some resort to massages and others buy medicinal items to relieve the pain.

What most don't know is that it can seriously harm your health. That is why when we feel something wrong with our body, we should consult an expert right away. 

Check out this list of 5 potentially fatal body pains:

1. Leg or Calf Pain
It could be: Deep Vein Thrombosis (a blood clot in a leg vein)
People who are likely to suffer from DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) include patients who have undergone surgeries recently, anyone on bed rest or women on birth control. The condition is sometimes called as “economy class syndrome”, because it affects plane or car travelers who have been sitting for long hours in the same position.

If you experience a pain in your leg and you doubt it's just a cramp, visit your doctor immediately and get an ultrasound or an x-ray. If the results are positive and show a blood clot, you will need blood-thinning medicines. It is important not to let the clot travel to the lungs and cause pulmonary embolism.

2. Sever Upper Back Pain
It could be: Aortic Dissection (a small tear in the Aorta that makes the blood create a false passage)
People describe the symptoms as “tearing pain” that immobilizes. People at risk of Aortic dissection include individuals who already suffer from high blood pressure, or people with connective tissue disease, like Marfan’s syndrome.

An aortic dissection can seal branching arteries, which could lead to a stroke, paralysis or kidney failure.


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