Here Are 8 Reasons That Will Convince You To Pee In The Shower All the Time! MUST READ!

Peeing in the shower is a sensitive topic and one that you can’t bring up with just anybody.

Some consider it a gross habit, but, believe it or not, it actually has a lot of benefits! Here they are:

1. Water Bills Would Be Flushed Away
Peeing in the shower saves you from using the flush on your toilet. Did you know by that you can save 1.5 and 3 gallons of water by peeing in the shower? Say goodbye to high water bills when you let it go in the shower along with your soap and shampoo residue!

2. Clean As You Go
Ladies, you won't have to use tissues anymore to wipe your private area if you choose to pee in the shower. After going, you can easily rinse it and prevent possible irritation or infection.   

3. The Toilet Will Look Better
Doing this can keep your bathroom toilets cleaner because you are reducing the amount of pee in it. Every time we pee, there’s a chance that the seat and the rim of the toilet could get dirty. Instead, let’s pee in the shower and keep our toilet looking clean as a whistle!

4. Say Goodbye To Foot Fungus!
Most people are not aware that pee has anti-fungal properties! The uric acid and ammonia contained in your pee can help fight fungal infections, making urine a potential remedy for treating athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. Maybe stepping on your own pee sounds less gross now.

5. A Woman's Private Area Tightens
Women who have kids or trouble controlling their flow should consider peeing in the shower. Squatting to pee can be a workout and it's proven to be effective!

6. Save Mother Earth
Aside from saving your wallet from high water bills, the environment also benefits from this habit! Who would've thought? Nowadays, flush toilets are considered as “environmental disasters." When you pee in the shower, you don’t have to flush!

7. Surprise: You Are Not Alone
Almost 80% of the world’s population admits to peeing in the shower. Yes, you are not the only one with that habit. Another surprising story is that in a poll of 1000 women by Glamour, 75 to 80 percent of them admit to peeing in the shower, including Kelly Clarkson! Come and join the bandwagon!

8. You Are Officially A Badass
Not everyone can embrace this habit so consider yourself different from the pack. It's cool to save mother earth, even in the most unconventional ways.