Here's What The Aratiles Fruit Can Do To Your Body! You Might Now Know This!

Remember the cherry-like fruit you used to climb trees for when you were a kid? In the  Philippines, it is commonly known as "aratiles" but internationally it's called kerson fruits.

This fruit is from a fast growing tree that contains a number of powerful antibacterial compounds which can provide multiple health benefits for our bodies.

 It grows in Mexico, the Caribbean, Asia, Indonesia, South America, Japan, Philippines, China, India, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic and many other places.

Kerson cherries are a good source of Vitamin C, which is a very vital ingredient on keeping our well state. Aside from that, it also helps fight gout-related pain, reduces heart attack risk, prevents inflammation, lowers blood pressure and cures headaches.

Vital minerals such as protein, phosphorous, calcium and iron can also be found inside the "aratiles".

Here are it many benefits - prepare to be surprised!

1. Antibacterial effects – Because the kerson cherry has many powerful antibacterial compounds, it is a source of antibacterial agents which could be especially good for treating staph infections caused by S. epidemidis, P. vulgaris, K. rhizophil, C. diptheriae and other bacteria. Keep this in mind if you have so many antibiotic resistant bacteria.

2. Gout – It has been proven and tested in many countries that this fruit can help stop the pain associated with gout. Consuming 9 to 12 of the cherries three times a day seems to work well for treating the pain.

3. Diabetes – Kerson Fruit also lowers blood sugar thus making it useful for those who are diagnosed with diabetes.

4. Vitamin C – The fruit contains a good amount of Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that helps fight off colds, flues, and even cardiovascular diseases. 100 grams of fruit yields 150 milligrams of Vitamin C.

5. Pain Blocker – Kerson leaves made into a tea is perfect for treating pain because they block pain receptors… a good antinociceptive agent similar to opiates.

6. Cardiovascular Protection – The leaves made into tea lessen the risk of heart attacks because the leaves contain antioxidants that prevent inflammation which leads to myocardial infarction.

7. Cancer – The leaves have been studied and results said that it has great anticancer abilities and may be used more extensively in the future for treating cancer.

8. Anti-inflammatory – The leaves can be used as a tea for treating inflammation and swelling and for lowering fevers.

9. Lowers Blood Pressure – Tea made of the leaves lowers the blood pressure because for it carries nitric oxide which relaxes blood vessels thus improving our blood flow.

10. Headaches – Eating the fruit and drinking tea made out of the leaves works great for treating headaches.

11. Antioxidant – Kerson Fruit and its leaves contain lots of antioxidants, like over 24 flavonoid and phenolic compounds found in green tea… plus saponin compounds.

12. Contains Important Nutrients – Kerson Fruit has fiber, water, carbs, protein for strong muscles, calcium and phosphorus for strong bones, iron for anemia, and B-Vitamins for vitality and good mood.