Here's What You Don't Know About The Miraculous 'Saging na Saba'! FIND OUT HERE!

Bananas, especially the 'saba' kind, are common in any Filipino home. It is widely-eaten in the country because it is proven to help the digestion of food.

It can be served raw or cooked, depending to your preference. In the Philippines, most like it when cooked and glazed with melted sugar.

But did you know that 'saging na saba' can do more than that? 

This type of banana was tested by  the Doctors of Ministry in Alternative Medicines (DMAM) and showed amazing results that could benefit the human body. 

It contains the highest nutrient content among other banana fruits. However, it loses some of its nutrients when cooked.

Here are some health benefits 'saging na saba' can give you:

1. Helps in regulating the circulatory system
This fruit is rich in potassium, so it helps regulate the body's
circulatory system by delivering oxygen to the brain. It can also help to maintain the regular heartbeat of your heart and the proper
balance of water content in the body. These play a big role in reducing strokes and regulating blood pressure. 

2. Best source of Vitamins, Minerals And Natural Energy
Whenever you come home from an exhausting day, just eat two of these bananas and it will surely restore your energy. 

3. Helps Stop Constipation
Banana is a natural source of fiber. If you feel constipated, it will help
eliminate constipation problems without causing you diarrhea.

4. Cures Hangover
After a long night of partying, it is a good source of vitamins that can replenish the body, reducing the effect of a hangover.

5. Helps You Quit Smoking
Having a hard time ending your smoking habits? Banana will help you quit it because it consists of B vitamins and other types of minerals which reduce the physical and psychological effects of nicotine. B6 vitamins also definitely help in reducing menstrual pain and regulating the temperature of pregnant women.

6. Treats Ulcer
Banana helps reduce the acidity level in your stomach. It also decreases the irritation from your digestive system and promotes intestinal health through leaving a protective coating on the inner walls. If you are experiencing heartburn, banana also acts as a natural antacid that helps quickly soothe the burn.