MUST READ: Beware Of These Four Fishes That Are Unsafe To Eat!

Most people believe that seafood is healthy. Well, we hate to break it to you, but not all of them are friendly to the body.

Although seafood is packed with nutrients and monounsaturated fats, they also carry some side effects. 

Pregnant women should be aware that some types of fish contain mercury that may affect a fetus’ neurological development. If you are expecting, it is important that you avoid consuming food that contains mercury.

Here is a list of the fishes that you should stop eating now:

Sharks are at the top of the food chain, meaning they consume other fish to survive. Since all fishes contain mercury, eating Sharks is very dangerous for the health.

Like sharks, swordfish are known to be top predators. 

This contains mercury that could possibly be poisonous if consumed so it's under the do-not-eat list.

Albacore tunas only contain a medium amount of mercury. Eating them is relatively safe as long as you're going to have no more than one six-ounce serving per week. 

Don't worry, below is a list of fishes that are safe to consume:

1. Salmon
Not only are salmon rich in vitamins, it also has a delicious taste. 

2. Rainbow Trout
This is a type of farmed fish that is raised in an ecologically responsible way. Rainbow trout are full of B vitamins and they have a soft texture with a flavor that kids don't have a hard time eating!

3. Tilapia
Tilapia may not be as rich in omega-3 as the others, still, it is popular with seafood experts and consumers because it is considered a freshwater fish. 

4. Sardines
Unlike most seafood, sardines are mercury-free. These silvery, fatty fishes are great sources of brain-building omega-3s and can be eaten as often as desired!

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