Must Read: Eating Red Onions Stops Nose Bleeds, Protects the Heart And Even Kills Cancer Cells!

The red onion's powerful odor may be hard to overlook for some, however, it is important to know the many health benefits they hold.

According to researchers, red onion can do wonders when eaten raw, such as stop nose bleeds, prevent heart problems, and even kill cancer cells.

Check out the list below to find out the many wonders eating red onions can do for your health!

1. Stops Cancer Cell Growth
With the help of its sulfur compounds, red onions have the capability to protect the body from stomach cancer and ulcer. It can help in the fight against bacteria in your urinary tract.

2. Control Diabetes
Eating raw onions can help control diabetes due to its ability to increase the insulin production in the body.

3. Treats Constipation
Red onions contain fiber, which helps flush toxins out of the body and cures constipation.

4. Cures sore throat
Onions have long been part of the traditional medicine for colds and sore throat.

5. Stops Nose Bleed
Sniffing or smelling red onions help stop nose bleed.

6. Protects The Heart
Onions also help moderate blood pressure and protects the body from coronary diseases.

7. Controls Cholesterol Levels
According to Zhen Yu Chen at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, eating raw onions can help in regulating cholesterol levels.