Reasons Why You Should Stop Dying Your Hair Now, Before It's Too Late!

With the ever-changing fashion fads in the world today, it's hard to keep up. Among the biggest worldwide trends nowadays is dyeing your hair in different colors.

According to statistics, 33% of women aged 18 and above and about 10% of men aged 40 and above are into hair dyeing.

As fun and hip as it is, researchers urge people to stop. They discovered links between hair dye and cancer. Based on their research, over 5,000 chemicals are being used to make hair dyes, many of which were found to cause cancer to animals, which can also affect humans.

Although many manufacturers have taken this research into consideration and have made changes in the composition of their products, the chances of their products still containing cancer-causing chemicals is still not known. To be safe, researchers urge people to stop the incessant use of hair dye due to the risks that may still pose health threats.

The studies conducted by the researchers have focused on these types of cancers:

Bladder Tumor
Research on people who are regularly exposed to the chemicals in hair dye, such as hair stylists and beauticians, have found that a minor yet constant increase in the chances of developing bladder tumors. Those having their hair done were not found to be as prone to this cancer as the people doing the coloring.

Reasons Why You Should Stop Dying Your Hair Now, Before It's Too Late!

Leukemia and Lymphoma 
A study among 769 people suffering from adult acute leukemia and 623 people without leukemia was conducted, with researchers trying to find links between hair dyeing and leukemia. The research discovered that those into dyeing their hair, whether constantly or not, were in more danger of developing leukemia. 

Breast Cancer
Studies regarding the connection between hair dyeing and breast cancer have not found signs of higher risk. However, this is mainly due to the minimal amount of research done on this purported connection.

Although some studies have found and have shown the link between hair dyeing and the developing cancer, some studies say otherwise. 

We suggest, just to be safe, that you should refrain from dyeing your hair.