Scientist Reveals That Jackfruit Is The Most Powerful Cancer Killer! MUST READ!

Jackfruits, known locally as Langka, is a fruit that grows in tropical parts of the world. 

Did you know that this fruit is also useful for fighting cancer? It is jampacked with isoflavones, phytonutrients, lignans and saponins which are anti-cancer properties. Also, it contains high amounts of potassium, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and magnesium

These nutrients will prevent free radicals that can be harmful and triggering for cancer development in the body.

Here are some of the health benefits we can get from Jackfruits:

1. Colon Cancer Prevention
Because of its anti-cancer compounds: isoflavones, phytonutrients, lignans and saponins, Jackfruit can prevent chronic diseases such as colon cancer

2. Phytonutrients
Phytonutrients is proven to prevent the very initial stage of cancer cell formation and it also helps treat  stomach ulcers. 

Researchers have found that tens of thousands of phytonutrients provide lots of health benefits. However they are still conducting studies on determining whether these 3 phytonutrients help in preventing and fighting cancer.

3. Saponins
Saponins are potent as anti-cancer agents because they show colon cancer preventative properties according to a study (Journal of Nutrition 1995).

There is also a study that showed results of this phytonutrient inducing mitotic arrest in the case of leukemia cells. It revealed that saponins can cause remission on some cases.

Saponins are discovered to react to the outer layers of cancer cells, bounding the cells and preventing their further growth.

Scientist Reveals That Jackfruit Is The Most Powerful Cancer Killer! MUST READ!


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