Sleeping In Your Underwear Might Just be Your Next Biggest Nightmare

There is nothing better than going to bed after a long day of tiring and strenuous activities. But before you get to bed, you might just want to strip your underwear off. Yes, strip it off. 

Nothing sexual there, though. 

Researchers actually found out that sleeping with your undies on might expose you to health risks, including the following health hazards:

1. Infection 
When we sleep, our bodies tend to become warmer and if your underwear's fabric is not moisture wicking or absorbent, moisture collects on it. Thus, this creates the ideal environment for bacteria and other irritants to thrive and reproduce. 

And this actually goes true for both men and women

2. (For Men) Increases Risk of Infertility
When men wear underwear at night, their sperm production might be affected because it increases the incubation temperature. The right temperature is essential for healthy sperm production and this can be better achieved if you sleep naked. 

But if you're not really comfortable with sleeping naked, then experts suggest that you wear breathable or cotton fabric to avoid these complications.