This Tiny Red Fruit Has A Lot Of Health Benefits! Read Here!

The Kerson fruit or aratiles/aratilis is a popular treat among Filipino kids. The red cherry-like fruit is a beloved little snack, plucked by kids who would climb the tree's branches. 

It's fairly easy to grow an aratiles tree and many families have a tree growing near them. Some families have even set-up nets under these trees to harvest the red fruit when they ripen.

But did you know that these sweet and juicy fruits have many health benefits? 

These are 6 Health Benefits of the aratiles fruit.

1. Aratiles are a very good source of Vitamin C.
 -One hundred grams of the berry is equal to 150 mgs of vitamin C.

2. Aratiles are full of nutrients.
 -The berries are full of calcium, carbs, fiber, protein, phosphorous, iron, and B-vitamins.

3. The fruit has antibacterial properties.
 -The aratiles is a natural antibiotic that helps fight against diphtheria, sepsis, staph, and intestinal bacteria.

4. The fruit is an antioxidant
 -The aratiles is full of antioxidants, which get rid of free radicals. Free radicals are the causes of cancer and other such diseases.

This Tiny Red Fruit Has A Lot Of Health Benefits! Read Here!

5. It provides relief from headaches and gout.
 -Eating around 9 - 12 berries 3 times a day may relieve gout pains
 -The berries also relax certain blood vessels to relieve headaches

6. Beneficial to those with diabetes.
 -The aratiles lowers blood sugar, making it beneficial to diabetic persons.

If you have access to aratiles leaves, then you can boil these leaves into a tea.

These are 6 Health benefits from aratiles tea.

1. The tea can be used to block pain receptors.

2. The tea has anti-inflammatory properties.

3. The tea can reduce blood pressure.
 -Aratiles tea contains nitric oxide, a natural chemical which relaxes blood vessels to relieve blood pressure.

4. The tea from the flowers can ease indigestion
 -Aratiles flowers can be boiled twice for a drink that eases indigestion and upset stomachs.

5. Researchers are exploring the possible cancer preventative properties of the plant.
 -Researchers are looking into the properties of the plant that may reduce tumor growth and cancer prevention.