Three Powerful Indoor Plants With The Power To Bring Fortune, Luck And Prosperity In Your 2017!

According to Feng Shui, these plants are believed to be bringers of positive energy which can bring money, luck and health to your life!

What are these plants? Check it out!

1. Krasula
According to belief of ancient Chinese, these potted and low-maintenance plant bestow wealth on people once placed on the right side of a home's entrance, also in the northern parts too. It's oil is believed to have the powers to enhance one's mental and physical health.

2. Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboos is normally used as a home decor due to its lovely structure that likely fits and accentuates most homes. However Feng Shui suggests that it is more than an ornament because when used properly can bring prosperity.

According to healers, stalks of lucky bamboo as a meaning according to its quantity. An example of this is three that signifies joy, wealth and long life, five for wealth, six for good luck, seven signifies good health and ten means accomplishments. Also, 21 stalks entails great health and wealth.

3. Money Plant
Feng Shui practitioners believe that this common household plant has the power to bring money and prosperity to the owners of the home. The 5 leaves of the plant symbolizes Feng Shui's 5 elements which are earth, water, fire, metal and wood. This element can bring great power and wealth.